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At Prevail Marketplace we care about making Las Vegas happier & healthier

We are committed to bringing high quality, local products to locations all over the valley.

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Owner & Head Coordinator:

My name is DruMaine Davis but most know me as Dru. I am the owner of Prevail Marketplace. I moved to Las Vegas over nine years ago with my family. I have been working in the farmer’s market business for over four years now. I have grown to love the unique environment that a farmer’s market creates for the community.

My passion is to see local businesses thrive and to create family-friendly markets for the community to continue to enjoy. When I’m not creating markets for the community, I enjoy spending time with my wife of 13 years and my daughters. My other passions include martial arts, health, fitness and helping others develop their dreams into a reality.

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    Over 4 years of experience
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    Managed 500+ markets

Special Event Coordinator:

My name is Erica LeVias. I’ve been assisting with coordinating and development of special events for over three years now. I’m looking forward to bringing growth and expansion to the Prevail Marketplace. I love being able to be apart of a community and making a difference by helping others reach there full potential.

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    Over 3 years of experience
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    Managed 200+ markets