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At Prevail Marketplace we care about making Las Vegas happier & healthier

We are committed to bringing high quality, local products to locations all over the valley.

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Meet The Team

Owner & Head Coordinator:

My name is DruMaine Davis but most know me as Dru. I am the owner of Prevail Marketplace. I moved to Las Vegas over nine years ago with my family. I have been working in the farmer’s market business for over four years now. I have grown to love the unique environment that a farmer’s market creates for the community.

My passion is to see local businesses thrive and to create family-friendly markets for the community to continue to enjoy. When I’m not creating markets for the community, I enjoy spending time with my wife of 13 years and my daughters. My other passions include martial arts, health, fitness and helping others develop their dreams into a reality.

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    Over 4 years of experience
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    Managed 500+ markets

Head Sport Coordinator & Owner Of Battle Of The Black Tops:

My name is Chris Thompson. My love for basketball started at a young age. I used to always go with my dad to watch him play pick up ball whenever I had the opportunity to. I played for Sunnyside High School and then was lucky enough to play 2 years of collegiate basketball in Canada at a college called Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, British Columbia. After College I played in a very competitive league that had many basketball players that played overseas and in the ABA.

Over the years I have played in and hosted countless basketball tournaments that competed at a very high level. I look forward to bringing a positive event for the community that will bring hoopers from all over the Valley together in partnership with the Prevail Marketplace . Looking forward to seeing all the hoopers come out and show what they got.

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    Over 2 years of experience
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    Managed 51+ tournaments

Assistant Coordinator:

My name is Andrea Leon but, I go by Andy. I’ve been assisting with coordinating and development of farmer’s market for over three years now. I’m excited for this new journey with my team. I love being able to be apart of a community and making a difference by helping others reach there full potential.

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    Over 3 years of experience
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    Managed 200+ markets